Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sacrifice (Korban) - [POEM]

Well, my brains ain't working these couple of days. Please bear with me at my feeble attempt to interlace articles, photographs with (what seems to be) poem. Here goes:-

Night has ended for another day,
Morning has come in a special way,
Smelling the freshness, you might say,
Begin our journey, to god we pray.

Getting out of bed is a difficult chore,
To begin the day, oh such a bore,
Brushing our teeth, eyes closely shut,
Scraping our gums, its pain in the butt.

Driving in our cars, facing the jams,
The traffic is heavy, our legs got the cramps,
These challenges we endure, day after day,
For us to make a living, in our special way.

Arriving to work, the start of a heartache,
Causing much stress, we get stomach ache,
Getting pounded with work, hour after hour,
Impacting our sanity, with so much power.

Unwinding with frens, sipping our coffee,
Surfing and Blogging, its all done for free,
Sometimes our pride get into our way,
We get into arguments and go separate way.

To mend relationship, we swallow our pride,
Braving ridicule, take each step in a stride,
Lest we meet our maker, before our time,
Not making amends, its such a crime.

Friends face difficulties, looking for direction,
Giving them equal time, gives me satisfaction,
Sometimes we seem to loose our way,
Perserverance and friendship will save the day.

Ice creams and Cakes, they are so lovely,
Tasting and eating them can be heavenly,
Abstaining from having them can be saintly,
Giving into urges, is living dangerously.

To all the above, we have choices to make,
Sacrificing ourselves, is no piece of cake,
Sacrifice can be just a simple word,
Taking to extreme, it can be absurd,

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Sandra Dodd said...

I like your "curve" photos, and wanted to let you know I quoted a line from your poem here:

It's not a very important page, but I liked the line "Sacrificing ourselves is no piece of cake," in the context of that cake topic.