Monday, June 11, 2007

Sweeping from the Rear - Batu Arang Ride

Its a call to duty. Since there were few newbies doing the PCC Batu Arang 90km ride and also some of the newbies are freinds of mine, so it is only fair that I volunteer to become the sweeper. Master Don, who also volunteered to be the sweeper gave in eventually to take the middle of the group where the lead was to be taken by Lim from Bike Pro.

As we exit Center Point at 7:35, we made of to Kota Damansara and as we pass IKEA, we were joined by the P2K group who happen to be heading the same direction. As we head off towards Sungai Buloh, the peloton got spread and I was accompanying Annie who was brave enough to use a MTB for the 90km ride. We made it to Kuang safely to meet up with the group before pushing of towards Batu Arang. At this point, the gang decide to attack and me being selfish decide to join in the fun and proceeded on at breakneck speed up towards housing estate near Kuang.

Master Don gave me a friendly reminder, "Eh, sweeper role like this ahhh?", I sheepishly backed off and went back looking for the rear of the peloton. I accompanied the last rider into Batu Arang and we had nasi lemak there. Shout out to Alwin who was nice enough to keep me company into Batu Arang.

We pushed off for Kuala Selangor road after refuelling and the team is back to its usual breakneck speed. I lost sight of the peloton at the junction of Kuala Selangor Road back to KL. I accompanied the last rider until she had got the cramps twice, once at about 200m before the Guthrie entrance and again just after we entered Guthrie Highway. Not wanting to take chances, I hail a taxi and pack her bike and the rider back to Centerpoint. It was starting to get hot at about 11:35 am.

Realizing that I had neither a handphone or a pump, I quickly pushed off quickly back to Centerpoint. Somehow that recovery ride did me good and I was able to ride continuously and speedily without feeling lethargic and was averaging 32km/h on the Guthrie corridor. Managed to reached Centerpoint at 12:35 while every body else had packed their bikes. Silently, I felt relieve after getting back to my car and managed to contact the rider and found her to be safe and sound at the Mamak. However, I did feel guilty of not spending time with some of my friends though...ah well, till next ride. No more sweeping duties for me, I hope ;-).

Good to see new faces to the cycling family.


Vicious Lifecycle said...

very nice of you to sweep.

Thats why ur so popular among everyone..

petitemeehoon said...

till next ride, i had fun yesterday. thx mac ^_^

The Editor said...

Bernard: Its a tough dilemma. Anyhow its not about popularity, its about frenship ;-).

Jaja: Good. U need to cycle that distance once every week at least ;-) as part of ur training. But do enjoy the scenary as well ;-)

tryathlete said...

mac... didn't know i was missed. will try and join in on next sunday's ride. meantime, why don't you come and join the tuesday night club?

The Editor said...

Ariff: Will do, today is recovery. Tomoro, if it doesn't train, will go there.

bola2api said...

u all are hardcore riders lah.. I'm taking it easy peasy now.. haha.. more like malas actually