Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bike Ride to PD - Sweeping everything

Total Distance MTDC to PD (Telok Kemang) - 138km
Average Speed going to PD 24.9km/hr
Average Speed coming back from PD 27.0km/hr
Total Calories Burn - 4062

Started from MTDC at 8 am after briefing by Azwar and Bacin. Kept company with Faie from MTDC to Sepang (mid point of journey to PD). After Sepang decide to speed up with the gang and chased the peloton of Dicky, Bernard, Stupe, Zabil, Bacin and Ishal. Only managed to catch up with Ishal, but during the catching up, along came Azwar and potong me like sayur. I think he must doing 60-70km/hr. Damn superman, that fella....
Congregate at rendevous point near Lukut. While heading for Telok Kemang, decide to keep Ishal and Faie company. Funny thing happen, Faie started to have some of her things "tercicir", started with Bottle cage, after that bottle, then sponge etc. This gives me new meaning in being a sweeper for the day.
After meal in Telok Kemang, some of us the slower ones decided to push off about 2-3 minutes earlier. Bernard decide to set the pace of about 36 to 38km/hr and Farook, Adeline and me set out trying to gain as much distance as possible. Bernard was so fast that he decided to check out the route to Seremban while Farook, Adeline and me decide to go back to Sepang. About 5 km from Sepang, near Bukit Peladok, Zabil came from behind and overtook us at about 46-48km/hr. I decide to give Zabil a chase and kept behind him until we reached Shell. Little did I know that he can set such a pace since he has already called his wife to pick him up at Shell Sepang.
That 5 km chase with Zabil cost me too loose a lot of energy and by the time we push of for MTDC Bangi, I cud only keep a pace of 30km/hr. If not for Sufian, who help me with alternate drafting, we would not have made good time back to Bangi. Upon reaching the parking area, got a call from Bernard to inform me that he had a puncture about 5km behind and I went back with my car to pick him up.

Overall, it was one hell of ride. Most enjoyable. Route review, most of the journey is rolling hills and flats. The only challenge is just after Sepang (ie km 37) where the landmark is Ladang Bukit Pelanduk, there is a hill climb. That hill climb is about 6km in distance.

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