Monday, June 25, 2007

Khabar Bike, Janda Bike!!

Never be to overzealous and over confident. That what the trip to Janda Baik with the PCC taught me. When cramps chose to visit me just 20 m before the peak of the climb from Mc Donald near Genting Sempah, what do u do, choose to kiss the tarmac and lie flat on the road. This way, u can protect your ever precious bike while using your body to break the fall.

Lie down flat on the road for 3 minutes while catching your breath and get up lest the passing cars think that u are dead on the road side.

Ah well, was pushing myself too hard with the PCC group. I don't usually do climbs from Orang Asli Hospital in less then an hour to reach Genting Sempah and I dont usually climb from Janda Baik to Genting Sempah in less then 30 minutes, but in the spirit of stroking ones ego, serve me right for not listening to your body. Today, I am walking like a crab, with both thigh harden.
All this after a "gentle 40km ride" the day before in Kota Damansara to evaluate wheelsets. Well, at least the conclusion that I manage to get out of this is that the MAVIC Ksyrium Elite is a better wheel set then the Campy Scirroco though the latter is lighter. Lighter rims does not guarantee a better performance.


jaja said...

i paling takut dgr ayat 'jatuh bike'. get well soon, lepas ni mesti lagi laju punya

Anonymous said...

dude, sorry to hear about ur tragedy. it's ok, hero kalah dulu (Laif punya words before tackling the killer hill).

ur roti canai buddy in janda baik

The Editor said...

jaja: No big deal, lumrah berbasikal.

anonymous: Muahahaha...Laif punya kata-kata!!!, So amacam, frame baru?

Laif said...

Aik? Si Laif kata, "Hero MATI dulu." Kalau kalah ok lagi. Mati lain cerita lah...