Thursday, May 03, 2007

Labouring Day - Mind the GAP/Hello Frasers

I was so hardup to ride that I woke up at 4:30am Labour Day morning to prepare and pack my bike and drinks for the ride to Frasers. The day before, i had received a text from Jaja that she was not able to make it to the ride due to some circumstances. Was quite eager to see her biking skill up this hill. Fortunately, Bernard did call and he became my partner in crime for the Frasers Hill ride.

Picked up Bernard and his bike(with new spanking TOKEN wheels) at BHP station near Damansara and we convoyed to KKB (oh Ah Fook and Roland bumped into me at the same station). Arrived in KKB just before 7:30 (the designated time) and as usual Adrian was already there with Arif and May Sen. May Sen chose to unviel her brand new spanking Orbea DIVA. It is truly a DIVA of a bike in all sense. She must have chosen such a time when she feels its among friends. There was quite a few triathlete in this group that , it makes us normal cyclist feels puny. Actually, I have never seen such an ensemble of many traithletes in one ride before this.

We pushed of to GAP at about 8:15 after the customery photoshot by Adrian. Adrian actually did and extensive and impressive ride report on his blog here. (Note to self: Please learn from Adrian on report writing and coverage). Met up with PK,family and Kim Yap along the way. In my eagerness trying to chase Kimberly (read- keeping up with her), i hadn't noticed that my rear wheel was misaligned. Laif helped me out with my misaligned wheel 15 minute into the ride.
We reached GAP at about 10:15 am and if you had a camera at GAP, u wud have liked the photo oppurtunity session in seeing the dissapointed face of most of us seeing the GAP coffee house closed. Me not having breakfast that morning chose to "Mogok" and refuse to go any further to Frasers without my carbo loading.

PK & family, William , Kim and me choses to go down not after me taking some photos of the first initial back creaking climb after GAP. Halfway down the hill, we met Patsy who had an unfortunate puncture and we assisted her and coax her to climb down with us, seeing that the whole group was already at the peak.

It was an exhilirating race down hill, PK, Kim, me and Hassan racing from the Dam to the foothill of Kuala Kubu. The headwind was very strong that you even had to peddle when going downhill. We were still doing speeds of 52 to 53 km/hr just before the Kuala Kubu stadium and managed to reached the Stadium just about 11:30am.

The group from Frasers did eventually come down racing lead by Azim and the triathletes at about 1:15pm. Everyone said it was a good ride and enjoyed it.


jaja said...

cant wait for the next ride yooo!

The Editor said...

jaja: Kat mana next ride tu, Genting, Cameron atau Bukit Merah..

Stupe said...

Azim is faking his injury.


i hope i can gt to joint he next ride...use MTB can ah...the climb looked daunting la.

The Editor said...

stupe: Azim injured..he looks fine to me tho. He did mumbled something about being busy tho.

In fact someone did use and MTB to climb that day - Naime Lee.