Sunday, July 01, 2007

This is more RPM then RPM

Having the LeTua boys around pacing for a Sunday Ride to Batu Arang can be interesting to say the least. Ironically many of us turn up for this torture this Sunday morning. Adzim was there, so was my RPM instructor Joanne. The normal PCC gang of the PK family, William and James Bak, Yap Swee Leong and Alwyn. Two strong lady rider Andrea and Adelina is also there. The last time i went of with Joanne for the ride, we went of late the last time round because she had to stop at the ladies, this time round, her cyclometer fell off. As usual we had to play catchup with the train hitting 36-38km/hr near Kota Damansara.

This time the route to Batu Arang was in reverse ie CenterPoint - Projet Kota Damansara - Sungai Buloh - Petronas Ijok - Batang Berjuntai - Selangor Fruit Farm - Batu Arang - Jalan Kuala Selangor - Guthrie Corridor - Subang - CenterPoint. We didnt see the Letua boys until the Kuang intersection at Jalan Kuala Selangor. True to the newsletter, they came in from the rear and started pacing the train between 35 to 40km/hr. The interesting thing about these guys is that they kept that pace irrespective of flat or hills. Don't this guys have or understand the concept of hills? We headed for Ijok and then turn of to Batang Berjuntai. At this point, I already lost sight of the train having to play sweeper again albeit at a faster pace of 30km/hr.
Somehow, my new toy did not capture the first part of the journey. The view at the Selangor Fruit Farm was breathtaking and so was the hill climb from Batang Berjuntai. We saw many cyclist coming from the Batu Arang, the p2K boys etc. We reached Batu Arang at about 9:30. I am only left with the second part of the journey back. We finished the 107 km journey at 12:15. My heart rate monitor was kept busy as the graph showed, averaging 160 and above most of the time.

I find that this ride is tougher then my 167 km ride to Sungai Tengi though, but I enjoyed this ride thouroughly. Don't mind doing this ride again. I see this ride as part of the training ride for Interstate2007 this year.


Khairul said...

Mac, what happened? Kenapa menderita?

The Editor said...

Menderita kerana anak-anak ;-). How would u feel being pushed away by the one u cared....