Monday, April 23, 2007

Cyclist Mathermatics - Long Sunday Ride

Now you tell me, how does 145km - 85km (at mid point) = 85km. The PCC newsletter published the ride as a 145 km ride prelude to the Ipoh Century Ride, well, it turn out that I clocked 166km when I reached Center Point Bandar Utama.

Got up early eager to tackle the ride from Center Point-Ijok-Sungai Tengi-Ijok-Center Point. The group was very punctual pushing of at 7:35. Me and a fren of mine was rather late and pushed of at 7:40 with another later peloton. Caught up with the main group near Kota Damansara and we were pushing speeds of 36-38km by the time we hit Guthrie Highway. Typical when the front group consist of Geoff Kronenberg and other prolific riders. We reached Ijok at about 9:10 am for our first pitstop before pushing off to Sungai Tengi. At that moment, my mind is still synching to the 145km distance.

The moment we reached Sungai Tengi, we had done 84 km on clock and that is when i realized that something is wrong with the Maths. We are at Sungai Tengi at 11:15 am and thinking that this was the halfway point, we were kinda wondering what time will we reached home ;-).

Ah well, we still have to go home anyway. The thot of taking a taxi did cross my mind but since I have only RM10 in my pocket, I kinda plodded back with this Gym instructor fren of mine back. On the way back, since the peloton was quite small and we kinda loss sight of the main peloton, a group of us decided to work as a team to get ourselves back to Ijok. I was pulling the team back at 25km/hr average, but at one stage got carried away trying to catch up with the Le Tua Team Train which passed us at 36-38km average (I know as I was behind them for about 1km until I was tired out).

When we arrived at Ijok, the whole group was waiting for us. I drown myselves with Red Bull and had to massage my legs as I can feel the onset of cramps. All the ORS and 100plus still cannot deter the cramps. Going back from Ijok, I was back to my own self and doing 30-32km/hr until we reached Sungai Buloh. Due to traffic light, I was the only one left behind and had to go back alone from Paya Jeras to Kota Damansara. Met up with my buddy from Fitness First and we push of to Center Point and arrived at Center Point at 3:40pm in torrential rain.

Its quite an exhilarating ride and I suppose it goes to show that the 166 km can be done within the stipulated Century Ride time frame. It was a good outing for my RPM instructor friend of mine as it kinda proof that she is fit and can do the 160km in one go. Congrats to her.

Hmmm...6000 calories burn today, does that mean I can splurge on ice cream!!!!


Stupe said...

LOL...the longer the better, no?

I'm yet to do any long ride...must do at least 3 before next year's ironman.

The Editor said...

"Longer the better", depends on what activity ;-)

Fuyohhhh, ironman, need to set up a cheer/support group then ;-)

jaja said...

oh wow! i wish i can join u one day, when the my leg strong like besi alredi, hahaha

i s a a c said...

Mac, doing double century soon eh, go for it, now i do 10km also want to die.. come for the singapore duathlon this 20th May ler.. I root for ya !

Wendy said...

more about ipoh century ride

Wendy said...

sorry, here's the correct link

The Editor said...

Jaja: I am sure u can do it..its all in the mind ;-)

Isaac: Taking up swimming lessons now, wait la until can swim I tell u when I can participate in Triathlon. Unless we want to do relay ;-)

Wendy: Hey , cool dude, thatnks for the link and the review/prelude to it. Much appreciated. Thanks for dropping by too

Stupe said...

mac - that, i leave to your imagination...our core group was called LIGHT & they are all into LONG & ENDURANCE...seems Steve, Azmar all cycle interstates every other month...

they don't do any sports less than 12 hours long.

luckily ppl like me and Azly maintain nama aik L&E to be still LIGHT AND EASY!