Sunday, August 05, 2007

Revisiting Malaysia's Gold Coast - Bagan Lalang

Total Distance MTDC to Bagan Lalang - 96.2 km
Average Speed going to Bagan Lalang - 29.3km/hr
Average Speed coming back from Bagan Lalang - 28.7 km/hr
Total Calories Burn - 3005 calories

This week, I have gone to Sepang twice and took a left turn to Bukit Pelandok and subsequently going to Telok Kemang, Port Dickson and today, I turn right at Sepang town to go to Bagan Lalang. We pushed off at 7:39 am and reached Sepang in just 65 minutes. Refuelling quickly in Shell while we wait for everyone to congregate (we were also joined by BoonFoo and team who came from Denkil), we then pushed off to Bagan Lalang for our breakfast feast. We reached Bagan Lalang in just 30 minutes.
We had the usual nasi lemak and coconut water and pushed off back to Bangi at about 10:20 am. Wong and me had work out a plan to work coorperatively to take turn to pull ourselves back to Bangi. Not wanting to be drawn into the first peloton strategy of pulling everyone back at fast pace and exhausting some of the members, wong and me stayed back and paced ourselves at a comfortable 32 to 34km/hr. This strategy work like a charm and though both of us were fatigue from the ride the previous day, we managed to reached Bangi just before 12:00 afternoon.
Among the people who joined the ride today were Rafique, Shuey, William, Azam, Per Li, Don, James Bak and a few others which I did not get their name.
Wong and me managed to overtake quite a few guys that was pushing themselves hard as this is part of their training for interstate. For Wong and me, it was more like s Interstate2007 simulation for consecutive day of cycling. This week, we had simulated 140km for first day and 96km for second.


petitemeehoon said...

pergh tabik senget dah ni

The Editor said...

Hai..dah belajar tabik dah. Memang le dah bejangkit budak Putra ni...;-)

Stupid_O said...

jangkit apa tuh? hihih...
jeles aku lu dapat kayuh saturday and sunday. aku injured.
weih update jangan tak update. apa ni 2 hari tak tulis. hihihih :-D

The Editor said...

Stupid_o:Lu tak kayuh apa, siap berdarah pun kayuh. Mengalah orang datang period.

Wei, semalam dah keluar, ini hari takde modal la...