Monday, April 10, 2006

Of Prejudices and StereoTyping - A way of Life

People tell me Islam is the way of Life. I ponder on that statement, not becoz i do not belief in it but more to variance that I see in the execution in living the life in Islam. People can sometimes be so judgemental in the way of how they see how Islam should be lived (especially in Malaysia), but I sometimes wonder "Is there another alternative way of living Islam rather then conform to the normal sterotype"

I am also at fault and find myself sometimes very judgemental on others and can sometimes also stereo-type people in very fixed categories. Everytime I find and know someone who wears a "Tudung Labuh" or "Sarban", I tend to think that he/she is, and should be pious. More often then not, I find that the reverse could be true. The more I get to know these gentlement/ladies, I find that they harbour the same (if not more) negative behaviour then I would like to see or hear in a Muslim way of Life.

I also came across other ladies/men who may not be projecting a piousness in a Muslim way of Life but practices mediocrity, has noble intention, yet fulfill the requirement of Islam subtlely but more often then not is seen to be secularist.

Who is to say that one is better then the other. But ironically in this current society, there seems to be a need to conform and comply to the herd mentality. It seems that if you want to be accepted this "club" of "piousness", you will have to conform to these certain way of look.

The reason that I brought this matter up as a matter of background, is that I sometimes question myself as to whether, is this the only way to go about practicing to be a good muslim? Question that I often have are:-

a) Is there another way of coaching and tutoring (in a fun manner) as oppose to the traditional syarahan and the "I am holy then thou" attitude.
b) Can learning about Islam be done in a non traditional environment - such as in an photographic/art studio?
c) Can we infuse buffet learning environment and Casual Group activities in mosque?. After all historically the mosque use to be community center?
d) There are other components of science and art that the Holy Koran speaks that are never elaborated and documented, rather then always focus on the rules of the do's and don'ts

I suppose, we live and learn, and we lead our live how we feel best while adhering to the commandments laid out.


Anonymous said...

in ur search for the answers, please remember that the society at large has succumbed to the propaganda of the west.... we live in the world where we can't even voice our thoughts, we even allow non-muslims to criticize our religion... and guess what? we can't even defend our very own religion! what cowardice. We've even sanctioned these people who hides in the banner of so called rights activist to condemn our religion....
on the subject of methods of teaching and earning, the 'holier than thou' way has long but gone... it's replaced by a more life-skills type of religious teachings... sometimes, we just have to seek it more seriously that by just listening to assuming...

The Editor said...

[Anonymous] Holier then thou still exist and that is not mere speculations/assumptions. Have U visited some ceramah lately?

I do not think it is wrong for the non-muslim to criticize if their facts are right. It is better to hear criticism and correct ourselves rather then not hear criticism and leave in a world of oblivious.