Monday, September 25, 2006

Tribute to my RPM Instructors - POEM

Taking RPM class to a new higher limit,
Challenge is the name, u need to survive it,
Watching us doing it with an eagle eye,
Instructor, Mr Wes, oh he is ever so sly.

He is commonly known as Mr Technique,
Correcting my mistake, he is such a critic,
His attempt at humour may not be pleasurable,
But going to his class it is so enjoyable.

Miss Lynn is another challenge instructor,
Her husky voice is quite sexy but it doesn't matter,
She checks on your execution like a headmistress do,
Her energy and fun intoxicate me and you.

Eric Chin is a hell of a big strong guy,
His execution of RPM seems to be on the fly,
His commanding voice and instruction gets attention,
He conducts his track with smooth Transitions.

A group Coordinator by the name of Herny,
Her rendition of the lyrics can sometimes be funny,
As she goes through her routine in an effortless mood,
Making us sweat, though the feeling is good.

Chloe is a small and cute instructor,
Her size and height does not limit her power,
She has confidence and strength belies her size,
Pushing us to ride to our limits thats no surprise.

Ben Sim is a man with extremely strong legs,
As he winds up the load, we scream and we beg,
Going through his routine without breaking a sweat,
He makes RPM looks simple and thats what we dread.

Pat is a young and upcoming instructor,
Her caring and warm approach makes u wanna know her,
As she belts out instructions with that impish smile,
45 Minutes of RPM feels just like a while.

Ashley is another one of the new instructor,
Her life of the outdoor makes her a strong rider,
As she rides and instruct us so passionately,
We follow her guidance and tutorship oh so willingly.

Slightly regimented , Collin is his name,
His approach in teaching, his style is the same,
His tireless reminders for us not to turn down,
In between tracks, he frowns at the sound.

Jonathan Tan is full of energy and is a dynamite ,
He motivates with grunts and scream makes u wanna fight,
He puts in so much effort our legs feel sorry ,
When u finish his class, u burn so much calories.

Watching Ben Sow teach, u get with his style,
His shy and cool approach, supplemented with a smile,
As he goes through the tracks with very little drama,
Rather unassuming in effort and very little trauma.

Spending my weekend going to RPM school,
Thats what I feel when listening to the rule,
Of my school teacher, miss Lillian is her name,
She gets us going, its all like a game.


Luke said...

Wah so free meh until can write poem... he he.

The Editor said...

[Luke] well, morning inspirations, just took me 20 minutes to string these sentences once i figured out what are their unique "qualities"

I am never free ;)

gymaholic-next-door said...

Hey there...Was just surfing around and bumped into your page with this poem...Wow!...It's a great piece!I guess if these instructors know about your work,they'll appreciate it!Why don't you send it to Fitness First?Perhaps they would publish it in their monthly newsletter...