Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Absent-minded and Monkey Tanned

Retirement really wreaks havoc with ones mind. I am not as sharp as I should be and my mind must have been going to sleep most of the time. If it had not been for my buddy Jo***e, i won't be able to recover.

What is it with me and basement car parks?. Firstly, i "accidentally" lost my wallet in the basement parking of Menara Axis, rushing for my bicycle ride in taman Tun, and secondly "accidentally" lost my car in the basement parking of KLCC.

In relation to my lost wallet, my buddy managed to trace it back for me. However, in the case of my car, who would have thought that u can have the same brand of car parked beside u but on different floor and me searching for it on a different floor, panicked upon seeing the car and an empty parking slot, concluding that my car was lost. Ironically this same buddy also managed to calm and bring me to my senses so that I can look for my car ;)

Ah well, that was the week before i left for my Batu Arang ride. Went out with the PCC guys and also accompanying a new fren to road riding. She took the challenge of riding her mountain bike in this 88km run and surprised many seasoned riders. Though we did come back tanned except for the eye area and looked like monkeys after that ride, nevertherless an easy comfortable ride. Nice and beautiful scenery though. What a week............


the one with the red Ferrari said...

wow, Mr Editor, i didnt know you parked your Brabus AMG SL55 outside, and still another one would be parked on the same spot? lucky you had those expensive gadgets to help you trace your car via space right ?

Anonymous said...

car lost:next time write down the landmark dnt b panic
wallet lost:better for u to make sure evrything in ur bag before leavin
Monkey Tanned:was the scariest thing but nuthing much can do..juz leave it be and wait till ur original skin come out lor

The Editor said...

[The one with the red ferrari] Yeah, my Brabus nearly Berambus, u know that feeling of panic escalating to nausea.

[Posion Ivy] Hey my racoon partner, soon we have to be like snake, change skin.