Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Memories of the Past.......Present

I was walking in from my car park at Avenue K this morning and passing through the Putra LRT Station to my office, and my memories lingered to the first time I touched down at Heathrow in the UK and proceeding to take the Tube. What a quaint scene, all the workers packing the fruits, mopping the floor, cleaning glasses, picking up rubbish and manning the counters.

What jolts me of these memories, is that, these are all foreign workers. When i first landed at Heathrow, from the immigration officers, the sweepers, the cleaners and other general workers that I met, there were definitely not Caucasian, but were imports. I remember getting a lecture from one immigration officer with an Indian twang telling me that "We British......". This was almost 30 years ago. Malaysian does not seem to undertake work that are perceptibly labor intensive anymore.

If Malaysia is 30 years behind in its social structure to the UK, imagine what race relations and challenges we are going to face in the near future. Welcome globalization....


walla said...

what!! your boss so kedekut ke? give you a parking lot all the way at avenue k???

The Editor said...

Not kedekut meh, if kedekut mean, I have to park somewhere near yap Kwan Seng already.