Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rediscovering Food

Found this interesting place near Millennium Place near Jaya Supermarket . The Bistro type Cafe is called Picadilly. It was introduced to me by my RPM instructor last month. Have been to this place quite a few times with various frens and they seems to share the same favoured enthusiasm of the food and environment here.

The food selection kinda reminds me of Strawbery Fields near Menara MPPJ and so is the price. But what is amazing is the quality of the food here. The Briyani preparation here kinda reminds me of the Briyani that I use to have in the UK near Paddington Station. Very spicy.
These are some samples of the Chicken preparation of the starter course. Very tasty.
This is one of the Salad on the menu which I ordered and Salads always reminds me of my daughter's favorite food which she use to order when we go out. Overall, its a fantastic place to hang out. Recommended


Anonymous said...

Next Saturday another Putrajaya ride? I wld like to join before i get a block artery from all this food n sitting on my arse.

The 2nd Cousin

The Editor said...

Hi 2nd Cousin!! Would my daughter be calling u Auntie or Uncle? What else would u be sitting on? Ur head? ;-)

nadwah said...

hey mac, piccadilly is under my apt. lol. text me if u happen to be here :P