Monday, April 14, 2008

Tiring weekend - Flat and Hill

Thought of light pedaling went right through the windows after 1 km into the Bangi Bagan Lalang ride. Culprit, Adzim and Andrea!!! I knew that phrase flat as pancake is an invite to disaster. These guys was pushing 35km/hr average with meters touching 38-42 km/hr is considered normal. Ah well, we soldier on for the next 96km to and from Bagan Lalang.

Not having enough mileage, was tempted out of bed again by Don Chan's message to ride the Sempah Bentong ride starting at 9 am. It rained heavily that morning and the thots of snuggling in warm blanket did cross my mind 5-6 times. Went off at 7:45 from home and reached Sempah at 8:40 am. Unpacked and was streaming downhill again at breakneck speed until lost a bit of steam near entrance of Bentong town. Came back was torturous, though the draft that wong CC and Lisa oon provided was ok untill the last 15km. Help out fellow rider with puncture and was late back into sempah at nearly 1:00 pm

Total distance this weekend of about 166km. Damn, i use to cover 160km in a day, now it is so damn difficult to cycle 160 km in two day. Better buck up before interstate.

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