Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Interstate2009 - A hill that is a wall and a Gunung that is Flat

I have never seen such nice country side as in Negeri Sembilan, Johor and Melaka by bike. There are many first that I take away from this interstate:-
a) This must have been the nicest Interstate route that I have the privilege to be on.
b) I have also never seen 3km/hr achievable and balance able on a bike.
c) I have never seen my heart rate reached more the maximum of 110%.
d) Bukit Inas bring new meaning to Bukit (14% climb) whilst the flat road to Gunung Ledang is a surprise.
e) A new meaning in bringing a new secret weapon to Interstate 09.
f) Being close to nature and having some of those items splattered on ur face. I have never dodge so many cow dung left on the road in my life.
h) A near equivalent mountain bike trail route (tarmac) is a nice addition.
The room was ok but the company was great. Lets one sees that other side of people when u are sharing the resort together.

The graph above was taken from Shaharin of KOTRT


Ride 2 infinity n beyond said...

Hands down! u climbed the wall!! ;)

Alwin said...

Mac, thanks for having me in the car on the last day. Lucky me on an otherwise unlucky day. And sorry for sleeping off without informing. Lol.

Maran said...

I think this year got record no of diarrhea cases. Lucky me I got it on Monday evening.

The Editor said...

Ride2infinity:Stop 2 times mah, heart rate reached 190 already. Too high for old man like me.

Alwin:No problem bro. Lucky for both of us mah...

Maran: Strange..i didnt get diarrhea. What is it that I didnt eat?

Alwin said...

mac. same here. no stomach problem here too. from what i can recall, i ate all dinner accept the last days where i went out to makan. weird how so many 'kena' kaw kaw, and heard that a few more kena when they got home monday night. scarry..

Ride 2 infinity n beyond said...

Ya man, me kena kau kau, full explosion on wed n thurs. Really bad stomatch cramp , MC 2 hari :(

Isaac said...

Brother Mac, looks like you are really active, I wonder how you look like these days. Hope you are more stronger and faster than before, But most definitly will. I know you will. Anyway if do come Singapore do call me ok ! Isaac

The Editor said...

Isaac:No lar, me getting fatter again - water retention. Cool, if i do go down to SG, it will be for Singapore Marathon again...will call U.Ur hp number please??

Dancing Ciken said...

tough man! cayalah

er gambar pelis