Friday, March 17, 2006

It pays to change your landscape

It is sometimes good to go out and about to have a change of scenery. Being clogged up with stress and work can be depressing. In your daily life, you tend to be a conformist and loose the edge to be different. Going to Genting Highland, you suddenly realize how much fun it was to re-live your childhood days and be a kid again. Coupled to the park having new theme ride, it was fun to live sightly on the dangerous side.
We were there early in the morning and it was fun to skip all the long queue and going for some of the ride repeatedly was good. In fact it was exhilirating. Though we finished almost all the rides by early afternoon, it was my stamina that gave way rather then the rides itself. I went into to the indoor theme park which was a bit of a letdown.

Driving down Genting can be challenging especially in an autobox car, since you need to use the engine to slow down the car lest you want a siezure in your braking system. This is not easily controlled in a car that has Auto gearshift. Nevertheless, it was a relaxing journey back especially when we use the stops as a breath taking and brake cooling exercise.

Overall, a good day of outing.


Anonymous said...

having fun living slightly on the dangerous side I see. =)

It is nice to not be too worried and safe all the time... >.<

from, L

flux said...

Getting out is very important you have to let out some steam hope you enjoyed you self.

alphademon said...

and how come i wasnt invited to the roller coaster ride??
the last i went to genting was like 20yrs ago.. wow.. hahah

Sze said...

that roller coaster inspires more confidence than the rickety ones i remember. are there still lots of aunties wondering around shaking from gambling fits?

The Editor said...

[Anonymous L] Yeah, it felt good...

[Bobosan] I think I shud do this more often. Interesting Blog urs

[Alphademon]I knew you had a lot of things on your mind ;). It was an impromptu thingy

[Sze] This new one is much more challenging the then cockscrew. You can feel your neck muscle tightens up. On gambling, Aunties comes in busloads now since they open up two or three more casinos

spoonfork said...

i don't know much about driving downhill, but the kids from the movie initial d (jay chou, edison chen) seems to be able to do it with the selambalest of face at the highest of speed possible.

The Editor said...

[spoonfork] Yeah, in that movie, those guys has cars with manual gearbox and rear wheel drive. Its easier to drift and control with those at your disposal. ;))

Horatio said...

tried that Spiderman (or actually Superman) ride. no doubt it's fun but i felt pain (at my groin). maybe becoz i m too tall for the strapped compartment n the middle thingy between the groin is juz.... i sound like a duck momentarily after that ride..