Friday, March 17, 2006

One of Those days

Ever had days when U go insane. I did, last evening. Reason???----Traffic Jam.

I was driving from Cyber Jaya down to KL for my usual Gym Class. In seeing rain had come down and I am still stuck at the Seremban Highway, I text a friend to book me a place. The point that drove me nuts was that, I managed to battle traffic upto KLCC and was in the vicinity with ample time, but I can see the building where the Gym was but I couldn't move( U know, the feeling that U wanna just leave the car in the jam and its faster to walk.) It took me a stupid 30 minutes just to move half a kilometer. Coupled to that, I just missed the class by 15 minutes.

With all that anger, I went in and enrolled into the next "Challenged Class". Now that was the dumbest move that I did this week. Halfway through the class, my chest felt like bursting and I must have sweated gallons and was screaming my way just to finish the class.

Lessons learnt, take deep breath, before any impromtu decisions.


Pick Yin said...

I told you not to join the Challenge class. Plus you did RPM the day before.
Rest one day at least in a week.
Pick a week in a month to rest two days.

Are you going to start listening to me or should I just give up?

The Editor said...

[pick yin] Momentarily Lapse of Concentration. In this case, I plead insanity

Pick Yin said...

That only works in lawsuits and criminal trials. :P

spoonfork said...

heh dude even at my age, my body can't handle 3 days of gym in a row, and the morning after futsal, my upper body muscle ache like shit. you, on the other hand, are trying too much - it doesn't pay.

anyways, maybe i should just stick to bedroom exercise.

The Editor said...

[spoonfork] Yeah, but Thursday has always been a scheduled day for me to do Pumps. The big mistake was to do RPM Challenge instead.

alphademon said...

mac .. maybe u shud start listening to ppl.. how abt yourself?

Anonymous said...

RPM is just bad.

from, L

The Editor said...

[Alphademon]"..Maybe I shud start listening to ppl". What U mean?

I always listen to frens who give good advice. But there is a difference between listening and doing ;). Sometimes your action follows the heart rather then the mind. It is when you choose to follow the heart without the mind is when U get into trouble.

alphademon said...

i meant, you should start listening to yourself.. do what you think thats right