Saturday, May 27, 2006

Metaphorically Speaking

What if u were told, u have only about 3-6 month to live, how would u have lived the rest of your life.? That was a question post to me. Ironically, the question has so much relevance to what I am facing that it caught me by surprise.

Yeah, how would i live my live now, if u know your days are numbered?

a) Would I live it up and enjoy?
b) Would I just make preparation for the eventualities and take care of people close to me?
c) Would I even disclose this news from my friends and loved ones?
d) Would I fight and look for ways to survive and recover (if it was even in my control)?

Now,these are question that is currently racing through my mind and it seems to be overusing my brain CPU. So many questions, so little time. Ah well, maybe I shud take one day at a time .......................... at this particular moment.;)


Lin said...

choi choi choi!

Don la think like that. Nevertheless, we must live like our days are numbered. Enjoy every moment, don't let any second go to waste. Thats my philosophy nowadays. There's no stopping me in trying new things and living life to the utmost fullest!

The Editor said...

[lin]Thanks Lin, but like I said metaphorically speaking it may not be me directly but something that will definitely affect my life. Anyhow, I agree and I am living my life and enjoying day by day. Thanks

Sze said...

i reckon if you feel you could die tomorrow and be happy about the life you´ve lived, that´s good enough. that´s a general you ah.

The Editor said...

[sze]What ever it is, if I die , it better be after I have met u in person ;))