Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reprogramming DaVinci Code

Curiosity has got the better of me and since I was being handed a couple of free tickets to the movies, I chose to watch The DaVinci Code one afternoon. Having read the book, my objective in watching this movie was to see how the filmaker's translation of the already action packed style of book writing into a movie and how some of the vivid description is brought to life.

Unfortunately, instead of watching the movie and fulfilling my objective, I was lost in scenaries and "location analysing environment" as some of the scenaries brings back many poignant memories of my stay in Paris some years ago. Having being attached to one of the French Government Agencies to promote collaboration, the scenes of a road side cafe and cramp streets (Rue) does bring memories of my challenging times of my attachment in Paris.

However, I do find the movie average (though I have heard others mention that it is not as good as the book) but exciting and I would recommend if you are the type that likes Indiana Jones type of storyline. Some of the facts may be questionable though , but nevertherless it is a good movie to escape to. Throughout the movie, with all the special effects and reconstruction of facts, I was expecting the personnels from CSI team to be around but alas, I suppose all of CSI was already embedded within Tom Hanks' character.



Horatio said...

I concured that reading the novel and watching the movie itself wud b somewhat different. By reading, we r using the power of mind to visualize hw the story goes.

CSI team? hmm... i wud b looking 4ward to c Willows (Vegas), Duquesne (Miami), Bonasera n Monroe (NY) as a team...:p

The Editor said...

Heheh...Horatio will have a field day with a team like that. ;)

Horatio said...

yes, yes. stay tuned next Tues (June 6th) on AXN where Miami team meets New Yorkers.