Monday, April 02, 2007


This weekend has been interesting to say the least with mix adventure and misadventure. Lets get the toxin portion out of the system first:-

Took up swimming lessons as part of my "pick a new Skill a year" kinda thing. Went to Swimming pool, got summon for wrongful parking by MPBJ. I think its just jealousy for not using their car park at 8 pm at night. Its not the amount per Se, but the feeling of being wrongfully judged that bugs me. How was I to know that at 8pm, and with those blurry lights, I am to park in the dimly lit car park. I am merely trying to place the car as close as possible to the lighted area and not obstructing traffic. Duhhhh...

The night before I was also reprimanded for trying to help a fren, who in my judgement needed help. I was ticked off quite severely for trying to help when help is not warranted. Maybe that was my fault as I have this bad habit of falling into the "Hero syndrome". I think, the feeling of hurt was offset ted by the positive euphoria of watching a good movie that we went to - 300. It is quite ironic, for someone who prefers to watch Bean or Comedic type movie, i have grown to appreciate other genre. I felt that I kinda owe it to this fren of mine.

My pocket got hurt on Friday and Saturday for making good my mother and daughters car. Took out a fair bit of RM1300 to rectify the aircond and key system of Perodua. Feeling kinda low, I laze about in my frens bike shop on Saturday evening.

Positive Adventure
Saw a good movie (300) with some frens. Though you can but felt this movie have a tinge of propaganda on Freedom and the American way, overall, the movie is exciting every minute of it. Trying to depict the battle between the Spartan and the Persian King Xerxes in 90 minutes doesn't do justice.

Went outdoor riding again on Sunday to Ijok. Coming back it was raining. Boy, I wish I had wipers on my glasses. I just could not see a thing and the guys were pushing quite a pace trying to reach the destination fast. We did the total 85 km in about 3 hours only.

Managed to swim a little, thanks to swimming coach. I had learn about breathing, buoyancy, and simple swim. Swimming is tough for an ole geek like me, since I am very top heavy. There is a lot of drag and I tend to run out of breath after about 20 feet. Ah well, nothing comes easy, i need to practice. But I so do look forward to going for swimming classes, I had set a target of at least one class per week.

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