Monday, April 23, 2007

Space Race - Kuala Lumpur

Wanna feel your adrenalin pumping ala AXN-Adventure Race, but on a smaller version, well I did. Spent the whole Saturday helping out friends of mine from Quick Release Adventure volunteering as the Camera man for the Space Race.

Was running around town (being a lone camera crew) trying to get snapshot of them at Cosmos Berjaya Time Square (BTS), Titiwangsa (the Eye), Bangsar Village Celebrity Fitness, Central Market- Angklung Store, Suria KLCC Baker Boys and MATIC Batik Print. The contestant had to do several task and I kinda pity some of them having to do strenuous task both physically and mentally.

I reached BTS back at 3:00 pm and some of the contestant was faster then I was. Damn, that was amazing. Took about 1 hours worth of video clips. To all the contestant, well done.


Stupe said...

hehe...why didn't say hi!

part 2 report done...tomorrow only i post la..see if i can manage to get some extra pics by tomorrow.

Stupe said...

by the way, added ur blog to my must read.
:) easier la, no need remember or type, just click.

The Editor said...

Wow, looking forward to see your 2nd part of the report, win 1st prize ;-)