Thursday, December 27, 2007

10 Things that you can use a Condom for....

While on the ride for Life, we were given a sample each by the sponsors Durex a piece of Condom. While perplexedly looking at the sample, a good fren of mine related to me how she was told when she was small, that the the use of the condom was for people in the army to dispose of their feaces in times of battles so that it is more hygienic. She believed that story for more then 6 years.

Now, thinking of it, i thought to myself, there must be more ways to use the condoms other then the normal fun stuff like partying and balloon blowing and some of us came with rather unusual use of the condoms:-

a) Fill it with many 50 sen coins to make a weapon to whack perverts
b) PowerGel dispenser
c) Chain guard
d) Spectacle tie to prevent your spectacle falling
e) Extra Camel Back to carry water
f) Tyre Repair kit
g) Floats to help swimmers in Tria events
h) Water proof bag for your Nokia/Sonyerricson
i) Swim Cap
j) Aero bar comforter

Actually there were a few more but cannot be published here ;-). I wonder if you have a few more suggestions.


Mohd Shazly Khan said...

very funny, i'd like you to try it on like a swim cap sometime next year's tri event, then i follow.

Dancing Ciken said...

erghhh not for no (b)

how come very creative2 one?

The Editor said...

Shazly: very streamline wooohhh.

Ciken: U have to ask maysenn and Ihshal

Adrian said...

blow them up and use as balloons for xmas/New Year party decorations?

The Editor said...

adrian: R u good with those animal dolls made with balloons.

Wendy said...

swim cap? haha yea can test if durex can support the big *tut* hahahahaha

The Editor said...

Wendy: Sure can one.....don't get thos ribbed ones la, gives u drag ;-)

Azman said...

Powergel dispenser????!!! HAHAHA!!