Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Recovery Ride for charity - Ride for Life

Having had a bad bruised rib injury during Presidential Mountain bike ride, i decided to lay low and gave biking a good rest. I was off almost two weeks of biking until the call for charity came in. The Aids "Ride for Life" from Putra Jaya to Melaka event and this took place on the 1st and 2nd December 2007. The route will take us approximately 100km from Putra Jaya to Port Dickson on the first day and followed by another 100km from Port Dickson to Melaka Mahkota Parade.
The ride itself was organized by PCC and in typical ala Interstate event management, the ride was published as mostly flat. Having being in the PCC for quite sometime, i was apprehensive looking at this definition. Now, let us refer to Andreas dictionary of PCC ride definition which were as follows:-

PCC route description interpretation: -
100km – anywhere between 100km to 120km
Mostly flat – expect some big ass climb
Flat route – average >40km/h
Short cut – 3km shorter

True to that definition, we did get to ride some big ass climb, but to make matter worse, since it was a coastal road, the headwind facing you were damn strong. Can u imagine going downhill at 31km per hour and you still had to pedal just to maintain that speed. So my addition to Andreas's dictionary is:-

Mostly flat and coastal road - Expect a shitty exhausting ride.

The first day of ride was fun since everyone was eager and had tons of energy, I had adrenaline pumping trying to recover from helping out Kim with her puncture just out of Salak and trying to catch up with the main peloton after loosing 10 minutes. While helping out Kim, seeing friends from the triathlon group passing by was very comforting as they pass by shouting my name. Only managed to catchup with the main peloton group only at Lukut. Shout out to Adzim, Dicky , Stupe and gang for just being there.

I didn't really enjoy the second day ride due to some riders were not willing to work as a team and lane discipline within peloton was horrendous. Some people just want to draft and suck u dry and were criss crossing in the peloton. Nevertheless, since we were the second main peloton, we had outriders escorting in front and ambulance in the rear ala "Tour de langkawi". At one point we were quite fast until there wasn't enough police to escort us up in the coming junction that we were asked to stop and rest at the second checkpoint.

The company was extremely good, Vong, Adeline, Ihshal, Bernard, Kim, Ariff, May Senn, Joanne, Annie and Chin Hoe was excellent company. We shared many interesting conversation which made this ride a truly blessed holiday. Anyway, congrats to the team from ABN-AMBRO who send in a team of 17 riders and having sponsored the event big time. MAC cosmetic was the other major sponsor.

Will publish ride profile later and photos of the event once I get my hands on them.


Dancing Ciken said...

uwaaa i suppose to join this :( well done!

bola2api said...

M.A.C should have sponsored u.. hehehe

The Editor said...

dancing ciken: Where were u?

Bola2api: M.A.C. only sponsor people who can wear their cosmetic. UNless u are suggesting that I wear their cosmetic as well.

bola2api said...

mascara can watttttt.. ppl won't notice

Wendy said...

thanks mac, but wheres my bandana? haha...just kidding.

Jonathan said...

Hi there, found ur blog while googling and was kinda inspired by ur stories of riding hehe. I'm still new as i just bought a bike....will be visiting here often :). ur kinda my hero

bola2api said...

mac is everyone's hero

jonathan said...

haha now only i know the name, 'mac' haha.....