Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Eastern Run 20km

If you think cyclist get up early for their biking, think again. Runners get up earlier and are already on the road by 6 am for their running. Quite a memorable run for me as I manage to progress from my previous 10km to another notch of 20km.

Quite a fair bit of quotable quotes during and after the run which are words of encouragement for me:-

Anonymous before race - "There is a difference between Carbo Loading and making yourself fat for those legs to carry you, you know"
Hin Tong at the 6km mark - "Is that you Mac? god it is you"
AJ (MD of Malakoff) at 12km mark - "Come on young man, lets go.." as i slowed down to a walking pace.
Ariff (triathlete) at 12.5km on opposite side of road - "You are doing fine Mac"
Adrian at 13km - "See you at the finishing line"
Adeline at 14km on opposite site - "Is it far to the Petronas loop?", my response "Yes"
Sazly - Fitness Consultant @ 15km mark - 'There is only one way to face - forwards" as i stopped to stretch my calf
Ihshal by txt after race - "Don't worry, we all walk like crab today, avoid stairs"

Finished the 20km in a slow time of 3 hours and 15 min (unconfirmed) fully knackered. Ah well, at least I finished. Four memorable climbs of the race are:-
a) The 2km climb from JKR to Kenny Hill junction
b) The climb near Wilayah Mosque
c) The long climb near Plaza Damas and lastly
d) The small loop climb behind Petronas Hartamas.

The difference between cycling and running, even going downhill, u still need to run - no recovery. Thats what no training does to you, only thing that got me through it is some secret concoction that Bernard had recommended and Ihshal pass it to me.

Two massive body pounding events for the month of January, better slow down old boy.


tryathlete said...

you did good mac! congratulations!

cc wong said...

I am impressed. Soon, you will be flying!We miss you in cycling, when are you coming back?

The Editor said...

tryathelete: I had excellent company, even in the last 1km someone wanted to coax me to run to the finishing line ;-)

cc wong: Brader, i never left mah

Dancing Ciken said...

well done! congrats mac, ur the man!

bola2api said...

concoction apa tu? Kopi Abang Boleh ker?? hahahhahahahhaha

I was surprised to see u. ingatkan u tak datang. u did a good job by finishing the run without training. Kalo u train mesti buleh sub 3 hrs punya..

Ride 2 infinity n beyond said...

weldone !! take up swimmming and the next we know u another triathelete in the making di hahahah. clap clap clap

Curvy said...

Hang biaq really did it old boy. Shall we dance come KLIM 08?

bacin said...

caya la Mac.. CONGRATS.. nanti bila Mac dah blajar swim, abis la aku..

nurina said...

nice seeing you MAC, well done...
thinking about KLIM half marathon -join ke?

The Editor said...

spring ciken: U da girl tooo ;-)

Bola2api: Minuman Tongkat Kaki dan Viagra. Hmmm..kalaulah dapat under 3hrs dah happy dah...

ride2infinity: Amik swimming, who wants to be coach to an ole man, banyak kerenah la ;-)

The Editor said...

curvy: Insyallah, i will see you in KLIM08

bacin: Aku belajar berenang pun, mana boleh dekat dengan Mr consistent macam kau tu ;-)

Nurina: Insyallah, will register for Half Marathon, i think this year I set max at about 21km but try to better my time. C u there

Wandernut said...

Good stuff, Mac! :D

The Editor said...

wondernut: Will I see u on podium soon? U CAN do it ;-)

Ride 2 infinity n beyond said...

ole boy, ask the race bunny in pink(eer not me since my swim sucks as well hahaha) to give u tips lerr.. janji tak tenggelam ok la tu .. mua hahaha ..we start first, adjust timing later le.. come 2009 we c mac buat tri pulak heehe ..