Monday, January 28, 2008

Trail Running anybody?

Bought this from the Net. Tried it and it feels nice and light. Now where am i gonna use this to test out its capability.
Surprisingly, its half the price if I were to get it from here


lookkg486 said...

bro mac..nice shoes...buleh pinjam? :))

ur fan

faie said...

I got myself a pair of La Sportiva too (mine is Sonic TR).

Hihi, I've been doing trails last week. Beat the crap outta me. The hills here are so steep like you wouldn't believe!

Anyway, I find La Sportiva lacks support and cushioning for my feet.

The Editor said...

Lookkg486: Got groupie meh...I can lend to u no problem, what size u wear?

Faie: Wow, great that u are enjoying Sarawak. Aren't you going to give us the juicy updates?

There is a trick to give it more support.

faie said...

Mac: Maybe it's just my feet lah. I've got flat feet. Will be putting some inserts for more comfort.

Juicy updates? LOL! None lah. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do here in Miri.