Monday, February 04, 2008

Fast Service Wedding

This week alone, within a space of two days, i went to two wedding of contrasting atmosphere. One was held in their house and a neighbours compound, while the other was held in a grand hall with much granduier.

Organizing and managing wedding has now become an expensive and complicated affairs. What use to be done in a community, is now managed by Wedding planners. What use to cost wedding organizer (be it the bride of groom's parent) RM7 per head now cost RM1000 a table. How does one cope up with this escalating cost and complication of the event and expectation. A friend who i met during this event, sighed and remarked to me ," I guess you are here to also observe and learn from the event as we both have daughters that are of marrying age" to which I nodded.

I was thinking to myself, "Why can't we just have a wedding at McDonalds, they have an event room, they have menu to fulfill most of the taste of the invited guess (from fish fillet to beef). They will provide the event room for free!!". "I guess, it will look awkward with the Ronald McDonald reading the "Doa" then, i suppose". Must ask my daughter when time comes, at least its an option.


bola2api said...

biar benar nak buat wedding reception kat McD

Baby Mits said...

Hahaha! I would LOVE to see Ronald McD baca doa.

Yes brace yourself my friend. Paying for a wedding seems worst than coping with college fees.

Or... do it the chinese way. The duit angpow that you get, you pay for the dinner. At least thats where mine went anyway :(

lookkg486 said...

bro mac...i second the motion...easy n able what..

belum cuba mana nak tau kan..

Anonymous said...

i think that is a brilliant idea. wt the % of divorces these days, we need something fast and affordable.

The Editor said...

bola2api: Wht not, can cut down cost and eat and have fun with frens

baby mits: thats what Ang Pow is used for, and i thot its for the drink subsidy

lookkg486: Yeah, maybe i will try it on my son

anonymous: Divorces are high? Is becoming a new biznes

boonch said...

I don't wanttttt!

I suppose the golden McD arches are gonna be my pelamin then? grr. hahaha.