Friday, June 27, 2008

Trip to Singapore - Change of Scenery

Most of my bosses don't want to travel to Singapore and this oppurtunity was presented to me. Having been cooped up in my Office for a year or so, I willingly took this "instruction" happily since i have a major agenda - visit to the Bike Shop in Singapore.

Arrived in Singapore on Tuesday evening, changed my ticket from Sunday to Saturday, since most of my frens wanted to go back to Malaysia early and no one can entertain me in Singapore ;-), which was aefinitely good decision which I had found out later. Singapore is very much different then what I use to remember before, having been posted there in late 1980's to work with the PSA (Port of Singapore).

They put me up at Copthorne King, which i realized was way out of nowwhere (as far as Singapore is concern) near Havelock road. Having to walk 20 minutes to the nearest MRT, thus curtailed my movement. Got me a StarHub prepaid mobile number for me to call some of my Singaporean frens easily, i then roam China Town that night.

Meeting days was full of food from morning till nite much so until i found out that I had put on 7 kilos within that 7 days absense from excercise. On Friday, having pulled a no show at the meeting, I went galavanting with my Singaporean Tour Guide (Dennis & Jeff) to 6 Bike Shop and one Sports shoes shopping complex. This was done in the 10 hours that was available.

The 6 Bike Shops were - Tay Cycle (Specialized & Giant stuff), Bike Haus (Tri suits), Swiss Valley Cycle (BMC, Campy Stuff), Performance Cycle (Italian Bikes and Jerseys), Cycleworks (Pinarello stuff) and Boon Cycle (cheaper loose items). At queensway Comple, got me a running shoes to replace the NB shoes that was a bit undersized.

What even surprises me more is the fact that those jokers, changed their mind, to go back that same night to Malaysia. Of course they asked me whether I would accompany them back, me being a compliant and safe person decided not to follow and had to be sent to another friends house to bunk in for the night - (my flight tickets was already confirmed and I dislike trouble). Next morning, not wanting to be imposing on that friend, i decided to "ronda" Sim Lim Complex for some IT stuff. Went back at just after 4 pm to pick my bags and just in time to pushed of to Changi for my flight back.

Luckily I had managed to pack my goodies into Dennis's car much so that i had a lighter luggage when i came back.


Pick Yin said...

hey, sorry i don't have time this few weeks. you're one of my 2 malaysian friends whom i failed to meet on their trip down to SG.

did you enjoy yourself?

The Editor said...

hey, no prob. I understand the challenges that you are going thru. Its will not be my last time going to SG.

Enjoyed it quite a fair bit tho, love the shopping in SG. So much variety , need more mahnee tho.