Friday, July 04, 2008

Life goes On

It feels as if it was only last month or last year when i was teaching my daughters on their pronunciations of words, such as buah (boo-ahhhh) or abah (AAAA-bahhh) or even mama (Mum-mah). This fond memories was triggered while i was sending my second daughter to INTI Colleague Nilai for her Australian Matriculation, owh , how they have grown.

My first daughter is already in Australia in her final semester doing Mass Communications (funded by her dad), while the genius of the family (IQ-180), the second daughter has graciously accepted a Government Scholarship (she was formally funded by Taylors) pursuing Actuarial Science.

I suppose the inner feeling within me is somewhat mixed and confused. On one hand, you see both your daughter as being independent and flying the coop so to speak, while you try to come to terms with your age - feeling that you are suddenly very-very old. This feeling gets further muddled when you try to pursue a healthy lifestyle of sports and outdoors.

You sometimes feel that most lifestyle goes through the learning, development, operations and later on renew/review (penchant). My life is supposedly on operations, but i now feel like going into the penchant stage.

If i were to review my life, there are so many gaps, that i wish i could have been more adventurous and done better. Moving on, i now try to seize the day while always trying something new. This lifestyle can sometime take a toll on your family, but i sometime feel that time is of the essence and which i might not have the luxury and enough of.


Dancing Ciken said...

nape tak tulis 'bike goes on'? :p

ur great daddy :D

Anonymous said...

pasni nak kena pikir nak wat kenduri plak. jgn lupa jemput! --2525