Monday, August 04, 2008

Quotable Quotes

Its amazing that people sometimes give the best quotes while in competition and when they are in pain. While running the last leg of the Duathlon in UPNM, arif was keeping me company. Me in my full running attire and him in his crocs jogs by my side and he quips, "Let me run beside you, I need to justify my plate of nasi lemak afterwards". Talk about the itch to run, him having a torn ligament ;-)

While passing another runner, this girls scream, "arrrggg, why do we do this every time, all this pain from competitive sports, its as painful as giving birth to a child. When u are feeling the pain, u dowant to have a child anymore, but you still have unprotected sex and have more babies."

Another words of wisdom from another friend of mine, "what ever you do, even though you are in pain, don't walk when there is a crowd - run. Walk when there is no crowd"

To all these frens, i salute you and look forward to endure AGAIN all this pain.


sham said...

hi mac...

congratulations for finishing muds in upnm...nice to meet u bro..sorry i can't wait because i've to leave early..hope can meet again..seeing u doing it make me feel i can do it also :)

Ride 2 infinity n beyond said...

yet another painful child birth experince ;p

The Editor said...

sham:Yes, u can do it easy ;-)

r2inb: U got experience meh..;-)

bola2api said...

hahaha apa kena pompuan yg komen number 2 tuh?? hahahahaa sure otak dia dah short circuit somewhere :P

beyond cut off said...

here's another famous one:

The Editor said... bukan kau ke yang komen tu?

beyondcutoff:Temporary can last for 12 hours when in labour and u cannot quit half way while delivering babies ;-)