Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Value of Friendship

Going to race for me is just an objective.I race with myself and no one else. It gives some kind of target for me to continue training during weekdays and sometimes weekends.

It has been quite an eventful 3 weekends in a row, much to the chagrin of my wife who wonders what do i do during weekends. First, there was Century Ride, then there was the PD Triathlon and recently the Malakoff University Duathlon Series. Its not my objective to write race reports all the time, but the recent event caused me to ponder awhile and look at the bigger picture.

While running back to the finish line (I didn't know that UM is such a challenging course with short hills for both run and bike), feeling knackered, i was accompanied (what I thot was two friends) by three frens, who has finished the run and was concern by my pace. The first (Phoebe) paced me about 50 m in front while the other two (Ihshal and Adeline) ran along side coaxing me to give that extra bit and motivating me to run and not walk. In fact, i even managed to overtake another runner towards the finish line, when i thot i have nothing else to give, such is the power of motivation.

Looking back, to all the race bunnies which had motivated me, the three above, Maysenn and Joanna, it brings new meaning to the word friendship. Its not about the race, its about the willingness to celebrate the joy of victory together. I wud also like to that Sulyna who came to watch.


Ali said...

hello mac...it was good to see you enjoyed the race.
well done..

Stupe said...

:D ramai siswazah kat UM tuh for u to see :)

The Editor said...


Stupe:Ntah le Stupe, nampak macam orang luar je ramai. Orang UM pakai nombor warna hitam ;-)