Friday, August 11, 2006


"Jeruk" is a food that is an acquired taste,
Much like wine, it matures with time, not be in haste,
As it is sour, it compliments the sweets and the salty,
Much like life, its nature brings a sense of priority.

When u take a bite at the "Jeruk",
U get that tangy sour taste that feels so "teruk"
But as u munch the "Jeruk" little by little,
U get to appreciate it and it can be incredible.

"Jeruk" is sometimes used for medicinal purposes,
In reducing throw ups and nausea taken in light doses,
I love some "Jeruk", the taste it so unpredictable,
Beyond all the taste, the base i find is valuable,

"Jeruk" is a food that is normally misjudged,
Becoz of its taste, sometimes u feel begrudged.
"Jeruk" has to be taken with much respect,
Sometimes aftertaste can be unweildy its difficult to expect.

I like to eat "Jeruk" using my bare fingers,
The longer i nibble it tenderly, the longer the taste lingers,
The longer u taste the "Jeruk", the more u find it soothing,
The coolnest, the pleasure it brings, it is oh so exciting,



Anonymous said...

A beruk and his jeruk is soon parted.

The Editor said...

I wonder who is beruk and who is jeruk?

Anonymous said...

makan jeruk boleh jadi kurus .

The Editor said...

Tak , buat excercise boleh jadi kurus. Makan jeruk boleh jadi gembira

Anonymous said...

kadang kadang exercise pun tak kurus jugak ....tapi sakit adalah

The Editor said...

Excercise boleh kurusnye - kalau u gemuk cam I. Sakit tetap sakit, sakit hati, sakit badan, sakit mata....No pain no gain.