Friday, August 04, 2006

Laughing on the Inside

I am not sure whether we are quickly becoming a culture of androids. Our means of communications inter person has evolved from the preferred face to face to that of SMS or Instant Messaging. Though I am not a real fan of text messaging (as I have found out in many instances where bridges are burnt unnecessarily due to misconstruction of sentences), I do feel that it is sometimes the most convenient.

However, sometimes what I find to be perplexing is the passion and expression that we show in our text messaging is not a reflection of our facial expression in real life. We could be typing "LOL" but as we type, we maybe "laughing out loud" on the inside but our face draws a blank or at most quirks a smile. There are many other emoticons that we use as we converse in text, but I wonder, have we lost the ability to laugh and giggle in real life?


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