Sunday, August 06, 2006

PUSH - Pray Until Something Happen

A new syndromme among Malaysian I suppose. Everyone seems to be in a waiting mode always waiting to be told what to do. Simple example, why are there soo many motorcyclist on the Federal Highway nowadays? Don't we have a responsibility of taking any action against these errant riders who do not want to use the bike lanes?

What about lorries travelling on the Federal Highway during the period of 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Isn't there a curfew for heavy vehicles not to use these highway during these time. Who is suppose to keep these people in abiding the rules (albeit their own concience is not ruled out). The Federal Highways is already congested as it is, and having these monsters during these times does not help.

I suppose until some notable or popular figure gets hurt or had an accident, nobody is going to take any action, such is life nowadays. Let us pray that something does not happen.


ad said...

the worse part is the motorcyclist looks at you like its your fault..

The Editor said...

Yeah after weaving in and out while using all the three or four lanes. BTW, it has been many moons that I have seen U. Where have u been?

ad said...

editor in cheif : i left a msg many moons ago too man... no reply frm u :(

Pick Yin said...

what happened to the jeruk post?????

- pickles -

The Editor said...

[pickyin] Wah, someone actually caught it....ehem missing (accidently) for about 4 hours. ;)