Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Different Approaches in Islam

It is ironic that two of my friends decided to launch their books this year, each has their own perspective of bringing in Islam to the communities. One approaches it through self discovery and relates it in the form of short stories, while the other writes a love story but infusing Islam as the value that the character adheres to.

Who are these two prolific writers?

One goes by the name of Dina Zaman who authored the book I Am Muslim, while the other goes under a psuedonym of Maya Iris (ironically a Yahoo Messenger ID) who writes the love story of Curahan Cinta Niagara. Having known them for quite sometime, i know them to be two totally different character in terms of outlook, behaviour and profession.

One writes for a living though it is only one of her many talent, while the other is a System Architect and Software Developer by the day that finds solace in writing love stories late through the night.

I would not have believed it myself when I first saw the transcript last year. One would not have expected someone as stolid and as fiesty as her to write touching and loving story. As they say in the business, there are hidden talents for these people.
Please feel free to buy these books and read it with and open mind. As the Angel says "IQRA" or traslated READ

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