Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sad News - My Condolences

My fren Zubir pass away during the PD triathlon...........

As I finished my trip to Frasers, I was greeted with disturbing news that the organizing committee is searching for Zubir as he did not emerge from the swim leg. His wife has alerted the marshalls. As I was driving home, I recieved another disturbing call from my fren Bernard and Bacin that they have found his body and he was pronounced dead.

My condelences to his family. I will miss him. I will remember him as the down to earth guy riding a LOOK 595 bike.

Al Fatihah


This is how I would like to remember him to be, so joyful and of the gang (with RS Murthy). Thanks RS for the clips.


doc said...


The news here:

Stupe said...

Rest In Peace Zoob.