Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Humbling Holiday Experience - Powerman2007

The day started reasonably well, though i didn't have much sleep though - anxiety attack maybe. Went into the transition area and could find my rack number, seem that the rain had washed away the number markings, not a good start to the day, i thought.

We made ourselves onto the start line, the elites and the OD started off first at 7:30am . Our sprint section is to start at 7:50am, as some of us were waiting there bubbly like the Powerpuff girls. We were let off at 7:50 sharp and I made my usual 7-8km per hour pace following PK and Margaret (my Gym Buddy). We reached the transition for bike after about 40 minutes. We then pushed off for the 32km bike section. This was covered in about 1 hour 5 mins. Then the screw up happen, I cramped at T2 while trying to put my road shoe on, and I was rolling on the grass in agony and had to calm myself down for about 3-4 minutes.
After that, i just couldn't run anymore, but not wanting to let myself down this way, took stride to the drinking station and had a banana and drinks as I hobbled to the next drink station. I had no choice but to ask the medics to give me a anti cramp spray as I had to walk another 3km before the finished line. I finished eventually in about 2 hour 45 minutes (according to my watch). Will have to wait for official timing to see the final results. It was a good first outing though for me, nonetherless.
I cannot blame some of the participant though, this is how I also felt after finishing the race.

Addendum (Official results out)
First Leg Run (5.5km) - 36.22 s
T1 - 3.18 s
Bike Stage (32km) - 1 hr 04:50
T2 - 3.06 s (including all the guling and cramps)
Second Leg Run (5km) - 53.21 s
Total : 2 hours 40m 59s


Mohd Shazly Khan said...
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Mohd Shazly Khan said...

hey big bro, i really admire u la.. U'r d man

bola2api said...

well done mac!

tryathlete said...

good job mac! you done good!

Dancing Ciken said...

congratsss bro!

The Editor said...

Shaz: U da man, u are one of my mentor what!!!

Aini: Likewise, u did well too.

Tryathlete: Thanks Sir,

Ciken: chewah..and thanks

Chief Kutu said...

Well Done Mac....maybe we should have ordered that Quarter Pounder the night before so that we could have avoided that cramp!

Zailan said...


The Editor said...

Chief: We should have eaten a lot more that nite. That sundae at McDonald is not enuf la..

Zailan: Gua tak percaya ;-)

nurina said...

Hope can catch up with you next year, but that won't be so easy...
well done