Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pushing the Envelope

When i first rediscovered sports last year, i couldn't even climb a flight of staircase without feeling tired and wheezing about. I told myself, u need to take it one step at a time and try out new challenges. After all, u are already 45 and there may not be enough years for you to enjoy a bit of healthy lifestyle.

I also remembered being teased by the coach of L2A cycling team when I told him that I have not trained enough to cycle from KL to Penang and I will not be ready to ride that distance. He chastised me saying that, "Its all in your mind, when will there be enough training, if you do not try to test your envelope". Actually, come to think of it, what is enough training, if you are competing with yourself.

With that, i decided to test out new challenges every year and try out new things. Last year was the year of Cycling. This year, I ventured into running when i ran my first 10k in the Mizuno Run. I have never run anything beyond 5 k at that time.

I am already feeling very nervous about the coming Powerman this Sunday. I do get teased for doing only the Powerman Sprint this year as many thought that its a joke for me to do the sprint as I should have taken the Full. I will get remarks like, "What la you, training pergi Cycle to Broga buat 140km, tapi buat Sprint saja". My response to them is that is that, " I am just competing with myself and have nothing to prove to my friends". The way I see it is that: Cycling-->Run 10k--->Run 10.5k+Bike 32k---->future. Anyhow, I need to recover for Presidential ride which is the week after.

I wonder what I will try out next year, its a toss up between swimming and mountain climbing I suppose. Seems that I have committed to go to Kinabalu first quarter next year.


beyond cut off said...


i think you made a very wise and mature choice to not succumb to peer pressure.

take the sprint as an appetiser to further distance racing.

Note i say "FURTHER" not "GREATER". Longer distance does not make a race better/greater than shorter distances.

the fact that you are participating already makes you greater than the average joe.

and that makes me proud to have you as a friend. :)

z said...


sprint ka, full ka, doesn't matter lah. Important thing is to have fun. Right!!!! As for me I have to do full, somebody need to fill in the last place u know. LOL

The Editor said...

Gang: Looking forward to PARTEEE in Manjung with both of U