Friday, November 09, 2007

Deepavali - Festival of Light "headed"

I am so going to suffer. Having turned down other frens request in doing the 200km ride to Frasers Loop, i went to do some private simulation in Kota Damansara of a Run_bike_Run. Outcome: I might as well walk and enjoy the Lumut sprint meeting frens and have a party.

Why: I suffered the first run, went wobbly on the bike and no power on the bike and when i wanted to run again in the second part, my legs were wonky uncooperative. Brain say - run, legs says - are u nuts? I pity this puny legs is trying to carry this sack of potato body for 10 over km and watching all the kids do the Terry Fox run without even much of training makes me rethink my position. Ah well, lets go through the mill and be done with it.

Lessons learnt - Shoes make hell of a difference, i changed from one of the well known brand to another of the Japanese make, it removed the pain from my knee. But, because of the absence of pain in the knee, now I have pain all over the body, screaming for me to stop this torture. Stamina says go, body says "we are having a shutdown today".

Moral of story - Who is going to party with me in Manjung?

Anyway, leaving KL on Saturday morning to accompany as support car to some 9 PCC riders who will be riding to Lumut Saturday morning. They will be providing moral support on Sunday though.


Mohd Shazly Khan said...

hehe.. at your service sir.. :P

tryathlete said...

mac: don't worry about. just go out there and have fun, that's all that really matters. and there is fun in suffering, believe me.

what time you leaving on saturday?

Anonymous said...

c'mon mac.. we know you can do it.. youve done the mizuno run.. youve cycled to penang.. this is peanuts lah come sunday.. dont fret bout it.. lets go have some fun.. >win

The Editor said...

Shaz: Will look for u man!!

Tryathelete: Muahahha..we are sadistic bunch arent we??/

Win: no Fret, just disappointed. resigning to the fact that I will go there an have a party ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kio and I rode Pangsun to Tekala n back with a group of newbies in their mid 30s.

Yesterday they teased and left me (who did Olm - Lucerne on tube shifters back in 89') for dead from the false flat at the perez junction all the way to Tekala.

Point of the story:
Other ppl get their arse kicked worse than you and you doing great.

Timmy Pantani's 2nd Cousin