Thursday, August 23, 2007

Girls who changed my Life - RAP/POEM

My life has changed since I met this lady,
Her nick is Pickles and she is damn steady,
She motivates me to health class and make me do
Body Pump and RPM, she will see me thru.

She keeps and eye to see what I am doing,
In class, if I am wrong, i get a bit of scolding,
Not from the Gym instructor that stand in front,
But from a friendly fren, who can sometimes be blunt.

Pick Yin is her name, I admire her guts,
She was there for me, when i am down in a rut,
She inspires me further and showed me how,
With her determination and will, i thank her now.

As I start to loose weight, loosing my pounds,
My body feels lighter, my health is more sound,
As I look at myself, I now feel happy
My waist is getting thinner and I feel less flabby.

Nite riding was introduced by a fren name Ashley,
As she guide me along, she is owh so friendly,
Considerate and patient, that is always her,
Her valuable traits and guidance, i always remember.

I like to go cycling, live life of the outdoor,
This change comes about, when my life was a bore,
Inspired to ride out on a mountain bike we went,
When I first got the bike, not sure if I can.

She push me along, she pushed me hard,
As we compete in the pressy, we got of to a good start,
She finished her ride, with much triumphant,
I came back out, like a groggy sick elephant.

Always positive in her actions, supported by deeds,
Shes always there for me, in my hours of needs,
Her training is vigorous, only some of us knows,
In strength and stamina, she goes and goes.

Joanne is my sister in training and in class,
She has seen me progress when I was big as a bus,
Having lost 70 pounds, within a spate of a year,
Most of that were attributed to this lil sister here.

I can now do shopping and buy the right cloth,
Between what I eat and gymming, can now do both.
As guided by my sis, who eats oh so carefully,
I watch what I eat, though not counting all the calory.

[to be continued]


bola2api said...

alah comelnye

The Editor said...

Bola2api:Apa yang comel? ;-)

Anonymous said...

aiyoh...macam i seksa u cannot eat freely hihihihih. rpmer

The Editor said...

Eh, are u being mentioned here in the rap...and u must be???

bacin said...

perghhhh.. jeles aku.. dia dikelilingi aweks

The Editor said...

Bacin: Bukan..sedara mara (adik-adik dan anak-anak) ;-)

Bedud said...

Why not show us how ur slimmed body looks like now. ;-)

The Editor said...

Bedud:No necessity to show off, as long as I am happy outside and inside ;-). Need more purpose though.