Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My precious BUFF

Sometimes when u have something like this, u take it for granted and do not appreciate it. This buff of mine symbolises a lot of things since it has a lot of use.


For me, its one of the most precious things that I will keep and maintain its current state. But I sometimes wonder whether when u have something like this, would u use this with care or would you retain it and keep it for posterity


The fact that there are multiple use of this BUFF and the way it can be used, I will never know. Above demonstrated in the photos are ways of using the BUFF. You can get more info from here


bola2api said...

buleh tak buat macam purdah?

The Editor said...

bola2api: Boleh..siap chun lagi dengan National Geographic design

bacin said...

aku ada 1.. but not the NG punya edition.. ok gak la

kalau kau tak nak leh derma kat aku hihihi..

The Editor said...

bacin: Muahahahah..derma, derma...hai ini lah pegangan aku ;-)