Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Adventure

Wha Lau,

The journey to the Pearl of the Orient is going to be fun. Having had to preview some possible routes to the Interstate2007, I am so looking forward to this year bike ride. Looking at the list of 250+ cyclist, you cant but help feel the awesomeness of the journey and the potential fun along the way.

Had some sneak preview these weekend of the route, and it can be describe in one sentence, beautifully long rolling hills with little water stop. The route from Ipoh to Taiping is so serene, after Tanjung Rambutan, that I think many cyclist will find it fun. The route from Taiping to Bukit Mertajam is also challenging in more ways then one. U better fill up your bottle at every opportune town, if you don't want to be stranded.

Most important is the ride in Penang Island Balik Pulau area, this is very exciting, u think that u have conquered a hill of about 300 ft, but that is only a preview. The next hill of 600 feet is about to be attacked, but I leave it more to the participating cyclist...HURRAHHH

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