Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ouch - My Fork

Sponsored and loaned my MTB to one of the L2A cyclist for the weekend MTB challenge. My beloved Manitou Black Fork is gone - kaput. Boo Hoo. well, at least he manage to win the KLMTB Carnival though.

Maybe its a sign for me to stop MTBing. I have already given up on swimming, now I have to really consider whether I want to do anymore Mountain Biking.


Vicious Cycle said...

he bombed your manitou???

thus the prized money is technically yours?

hmmmm do i hear a rock shox or a fox coming along?

Dancing Ciken said...

huh? kaput? wah :( baru bercita-cita nak try MTB

Abdul Adzim said...

ladies and gentlemen...we welcome another convert :-)

bola2api said...


si1ver said...

well .. maybe the fork has seen its share of action and it time was up :-)because even number of rider on RST susvive the race loop . Fox would be the way to go . It would be a shame to give up mountain biking.

The Editor said...

VC: Yeah, need to go and see his caoch to negotiate a replacement

Ayam: Siapa bercita-cita?

Adzim: Converted Long time already, but Presidentail Ride also coming la. Miss the fresh air and mud.

Bola2api: Eh...U also ahhh....serupa parrot la!!

Silver: This one, I think kena hentam like hell in previous BikeZooka and other MTB escapade