Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fresher Outlook

Traffic Jams in KL has become so unbearable nowadays that it now becomes a hindrance for you to enjoy travelling from one place to another. With PC Fair and Batik Convention, the Golden Triangle has become a hell of a challenge to just pass through. What use to take 30 minutes now take 90 minutes just to get through. Its almost a car park.

60 minutes of oblivion makes you do and think of many ridiculous subject from assessment of passer-by to self critic. On the positive side, I took the time to carry our a self assessment of myself for the month. Character wise, being an an experience (read above middle age) person and passive in nature, I can sometime be over bearing in nature and unknowingly may impose myself on other people. Many of my friends tend to be obliging when I do call on them. Only question is, am I too imposing when I give them a call?. What is the balance between calling them and them feeling compelled to follow your plan and you not calling them and them finding out you are in the neighbourhood and you have not informed them, they cud be ok with your company?.

Where is the borderline between being intrusive and being a non-concern friend.? After recent experience, I now find myself hessitant on making these call lest being labelled intrusive or worst still harassing. Quite an interesting predicament that I got myself into, maybe this will turn me from a collaborative type person to a loner type and be more focus on my task, who knows?

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