Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mood - (POEM)

Pardon for this measly attempt at another POEM


Moods is something that can swing,
If it is not managed, it can be king,
Influencing our action, in every day,
Cramping our lives, in many way.

Some moods are bad and some are good,
Not getting excited, one maybe should,
Lest we get remembered, and truly known,
Emotions and excitement, our very own.

Changes in moods are sometimes caused,
Bad behaviour and actions, making one cross,
If we don't conquer this changes in mood,
Lashing at friends, may not be good.

Moods are also changed due to hormones,
Changes in our bodies, we are not alone,
Affecting some of us incessantly,
Exhausting and tiring, affecting emotionally,

We are often challenged by changes of mood,
Wishing that we can manage if we truly could,
Affecting us badly when we are down,
Conquering its effect, we can but frown.

Moods can be used to work out for good,
Changing ourselves, one truly should,
Influencing our moods, to positively,
Changing our minds, ever gracefully.


Levin said...

You call this a "measly attempt"? Bro, I can't even make anything rhyme. :)

Keep on shinin'!

The Editor said...

Thank you Mr Levin sir,

Pale when compared to your graphic and thought provoking comments about life and human callousness. Your recent acquisition of equipment will no doubt provide more graphical inputs though. Cheers and thanx