Sunday, December 04, 2005

Selling my Soul to Coffee Company

Life has a habit of turning back on us and biting us in the ass if we takes things for granted. Today marks one of the most traumatic day of my working life. I have participated in the most despicable of act and have sold my soul to (off all thing), a coffee establishment. This moment of weakness happened this afternoon and I am now still in disbelief of what I have done and I am now trying to figure out how to console myself .

To top it all, what was originally intended as a cheeky conversation between my colleague and me turned into a nitemare when the target of cheeky conversation, a chic girl of beautiful proportion came around and confronted the two of us (my colleague and me) as if knowing that we were complimenting her. God works in mysterious ways.

Scene: A packed famous coffee establishment, time - afternoon, me and my colleage - chatting to each other using Yahoo Messenger.
Chic Girl : Are U two guys together?
Me: (Thinking - "Is this girl for real? What does she mean by that question? Is it a trick question?)...Uhh...
My Colleague : Yeah, we are working together on a project, if that is what you mean (while smiling wryly)
Chic Girl : Would you two mind being on our establishment video, to celebrate our 7th year anniversary
My Colleague : Yeah, we don't mind, we are cool
Me : (YM him frantically - Are you insane?, What do you mean by volunteering us)
Chic Girl : OK, I'll give you 10 minutes to get ready, we'll get the cameraman here shortly. (She leaves)
Me : Hey...what the hell are we going to say? Are you nuts...i screamed?
My Collegue: Don't worry, I think you are experience enough, Let me contemplate whether I should participate or not. (he smiled in hesitation)
Me : Hey, this is your doing, you are not getting away scott free. (I panic, while trying to do a verbal arm twist)

Anyway, video shot were taken, interviews were done and and we were compensated with free beverage leaving us not only feeling cheap but traumatized (at least for me). Lesson of the day, NEVER EVER attempt to oogle a bypassing girl and gossiping in Yahoo Messenger again. It could come to haunt you back in the same lifetime if not the same day. This has been a horrendous Casualty Affecting my Life. I dread to see the outcome of the video......WAHHHH!!!

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