Monday, December 05, 2005

Reward for Impact Creation....

I remember one wise man in one of the company that I used to work said to me " Always pay your hardworking employee soonest possible for a job well done even before their sweat has dried". That way, they will remember you for a long time. He went on to advise me "Look out for talent, if they create impact for the company, we should reward them well". "I think we spent more money in advertising and customer care just to get a certain brand image".

This provocative thought came about as I was reading the news on Nicol David. Here is a lass, who was written of by some sports pundits years ago for being not good enough and have burnted out and lacks potential. Now, she has demonstrated that not only does she prove all of them wrong and she is on top of the world and she has the mettaled to be the youngest woman world squash champion.

The next question in my mind is, does the people of her country recognize and appreciate these efforts and position that she has brought Malaysia to? Or is she going to be laid by the wayside like the Karamjit and the two Mount Everest Climbers. I feel that she deserves all the assistance and support required for her future endaevour (not that she needs a datukship).

We talk a lot about knowledge economy and how people are our assets. Here is one lass that has brought impact and placed Malaysia in the limelight, and yet we have not gone ahead to make her a national hero. What does she have to do? Isn't she a national asset? How do we treat assets?

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