Monday, December 05, 2005

Scarred Tissue, [Poem]

It is difficult to know what is in my heart,
When its shreded,ripped and torn apart,
Threading carefully, it needs to be
To mend its scar ever so carefully.

Women handle it quite differently,
Rationalizing their mind repeatedly,
Testing questions they seem to send,
Cryptic answers, we don't understand.

With normal macho, is man's approach,
Never heed advice nor need to be coach,
Though deep inside, they seem to be,
Confused and perplex, suffering silently,

Following our heart we sometime do,
But not our mind which is more true,
Regretting some actions between the two,
Not giving enough time, to think it through

Do we understand our partners heart,
Suspicion and stress draws us apart,
With each attempt, we sometimes cry,
Overcoming failures, we have to try.

Learning to say that I am sorry,
Making your partner feel less worry,
Keeping ones silence, is very deafening,
Demonstrating ones care, can be promising.

How do we mend these heart of ours,
Is it just time, but how many hours,
So that maybe we don't fall from grace,
Maybe what is needed is also space.

Some wise man says, we need reminded,
Forgive and forget, lets make it a standard,
Take many deep breath before we do,
When anger erupts between the two.

What is important , we need to decide,
We have to take note, relationship or pride,
To choose each path there are its merit,
Each has consequence, when executing it.

But in the end, what matters most,
Will we be together, like two nice host,
Gaining experience as we grow old,
Reviewing our actions lest we get cold.

So what can be learnt from all this reasons,
With every each word there is a lesson,
To learn that taking and giving is part of life,
Accepting challenges, as man and wife.


spoonfork said...

"... like two nice host"

even in a quite emotional poem (i would sa) there's no escaping the geek y references

The Editor said...

Mr Spoonfork,

We are all here to serve in one way or another, isn't that so?