Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cross Roads of Life

There were a few things that I had deliberated last year that needed to be achieved by this year. I had wanted to have among others the following:-
a) More outdoor type activities through photography - Done
b) Improve the state of health by going to the Gym - Done
c) Reallocation of time for self - On going
d) Carreer change - Considering Now

I have been in the IT/Telecommunication line for 16 years. I started in 1990, when I decide to make a career change then from a Civil Engineer to IT. I had been working in Civil Engineering for a period of 6 and half years more of a structural engineer.

Recently, I had a wonderful conversation with a close friend about going back to more basic skill which is cooking. We were then discussing and exchanging recipe on some soup preparation (if U can imagine a middle age guy exchanging recipe - that might make some people puke). I was then posed the question by this friend of mine, would I consider making another career change and move into the food business.

I thot about it for (hmmmmmm)......2 minutes, thats how long I take to make a career decision before (and as long as my brain can sustain), possible, I quipped. At that moment, I thought to myself, am I too old to change to another profession? I had all this while setup and mentored many engineers and developers so as we can compliment while leverage on each other skills. Am I going to throw away all this and go into the food business?

But I then thought to myself, don't all these geeks and businessman want to meet somewhere? I wish someone out there can guide me as I am an amatuer when trying to take this plunge into the commercial world.


spoonfork said...

i have a more pragmatic approach when it comes to industrial change: i'd make sure i can take whatever shit when running an IT business before i can make decision of plunging into, say, oil and gas industry. sometimes success does not depend on whether you're doing what you want, like and enjoy - but rather whether you have the guts, the galls and the balls to do it.

Sze said...

agreed about the guts, gall and balls (great coinage) though it sure helps if you DO want, like and enjoy the field you want to change into.

i don't think you're ever too old to make changes if you're open to learning something from scratch and forgoing pride and assumptions of seniority and expertise.

so where will the restaurant be?

The Editor said...

[Spoonfork] I agree with you on guts, galls and balls. But don't you think that you need some kind of direction and roadmap as part of your plans lest you will driving your guts, galls and balls into the wrong direction ;-)

[sze] The risk appetitte somehow for a person in the late 20's and that of a mid 40s maybe different. I may not have the time to recurperate lest this venture fails. Of course, as spoonfork says it, I must have the ggb. :))

spoonfork said...

risk-planning, etc are precautions. now, say that after the careful planning and neccessary risk mitigations, you've embarked on that journey, but suddenly you hit a brick wall that you haven't anticipated before. question is: do you take the bull by the horns, or do you buck out and walk with your tail between your legs?

The Editor said...

[spoonfork] I think once U embark, you might as well fight it straight on. There is no point embarking on a journey if you want to chicken out. The issue for consideration here is whether to embark on the journey or not, becoz you have already invested time and effort on your predominant and incumbent profession.

Sze said...

sounds like it's too much a trade-off for you to leave what you've got. are you bored?

The Editor said...

[sze] You may be right, but sometimes if you cannot get up to work becoz u are just fedup, then it may be worth considering.

Sze said...

well certainly if you feel like slitting your wrists on the way to work. that was a joke.