Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Methodologies of a Consultant - Intro

Often when I come across papers either for review (Research papers or Consulting), I always find that Junior Consultant or Researchers have a problem of expressing themselves on paper or thesis. The papers generally lacks focus and framework when written about a subject or a hypothesis.

I remember my early years working with a Consultant, I was taught, Consultant generally have one method of putting their ideas on presentation forward and that is:-

a) Describe the current problem (as is analysis)
b) Describe or prescribe what the ideal situation got to be (benchmarked or best practices)
c) Recommend how to get there. (Otherwise known as the Strategy)

And, this is not far of wrong when you are trying to do your Phd as well,

a) Describe a problem statement that needs to be solved
b) Prescribe a hypothesis
c) Try to proof you hypothesis with what you think is the way forward.

Essentially, guys and girls, its all about Gap Analysis.

You may see dozens of presentation or reports using this simple methodology and of course it is normally padded up to essentially support the three main areas. So, I thought, maybe if I were to write on this topic may help me remind myself to write better in the future following my own doctrine ;-).


spoonfork said...

i sometimes use situational drivers rather than gap analysis when trying to poach for something. e.g. there are tons of bloggers in malaysia but they're not community-ized, hence we need to come up with a solution/service to put them under one roof and one community.

or, there's food in the kitchen, we need to strategize ways to make them enter our stomach.

The Editor said...

Very interesting and philosophical approach. I am sure, there is more to it then implied though. Would u consider setting up a common blogsite and invite me to be a contributing writer if not editor ;-)