Monday, February 13, 2006

Left Click - Right Click

I was loaned a notebook for use as mine had a crash hardisk. The previous owner must have been a left handed person as he had reconfigured the touchpad and buttons in reverse. It somehow brought me on to think of how these buttons and its actions parallel's life in many ways.

For the past weeks, I have been fortunate or unfortunate to be involved in helping friend do two things, startup a company and helping to find/conclude a job. Lesson that I learnt out of these experience is the power of networking, u need to be in the right click (so to speak). The word "Click" has many connotation, and in this case, being in the right Click, means being in the right group of people who can assist U in getting the right job at the right time.

In the Windows environment, pressing right click essentially gives the menu or the path for you to choose (unless some left hander has reconfigured it do the reverse in which pressing right click will select item). Choosing the right path is key to your next step - essentially having a "Right click" will help you move in the right direction.

Now pressing the left click on a mouse generally will select item. However, choosing the left click on a mouse maybe a correct choice but choosing left (winged) clicks, may undoubtly be the wrong choice since left winged groups are commonly associated with extremist ideologies.

Now back to the startup company and the job hunting/acquisition, the lessons that I wanted to promote out of this and what i was trying to coax my fellow colleageues is that moving forward in life and business, networking is important, to be with the right click most of the time. But it is also always also important to not to concieted in thinking he/she is always in the right click, as he/she may be also be left (gedit). In business it is also important to live with both clicks and leverage on both when oppurtunity knocks.



spoonfork said...

quite naturally, this post may or may not have offended the following groups of people:

- those who revels in the the power of the command line
- those stinkpad users who, whether or not it is to their advantage, take pride in their fingering of the nipple
- mac users whose deformed mouse have a single button

Pick Yin said...

i love that red nipple >)

The Editor said...

[spoonfork] Well, DOS and command line users are always on command and direct mode. But they too have been the bane in fingering many Unix and many other hosts too.

[pick yin]My red nipple as turned pink >:) in an over used environment.

spoonfork said...

dear mister editor, that information about your nipple is too much too handle -> information overflow

The Editor said...

[Spoonfork] How else am I going to describe my Thinkpad Notebook. I need to upgrade it to a Z60t soon. If I can afford it. Alas, I am only a simple folk.